Quick & Easy Chili in the Crockpot


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crock pot chili



Every year when fall rolls around I’m always so excited to get my crock pot out and start making all of the things we didn’t eat in the summer because it was too hot, like soup & chili.


Now winter is here in northern Michigan, and it’s finally time to make our favorite chili recipe. We love to have a crock pot of chili ready for us when we come in from a cold day of sledding.


When I was on the hunt for an easy chili recipe, I wanted a good one that didn’t have a ton of ingredients.  I found a lot of chili recipes, but they all had several steps to follow, and so.many.ingredients. I tried a few of them and they really weren’t that good, either.


So I did what I should have done from the start, and I asked my mother-in-law for her chili recipe. It’s good, easy, and the kind you can put in your crockpot and forget about until dinner time rolls around.


Cooking really isn’t my thing, so easy recipes are my favorite. Just in the last month I’ve set off the smoke alarms 4 times while I was making dinner – and one of those times it was when I was using the toaster. I wish I was kidding. It takes a lot of talent to set off a smoke alarm just by toasting a piece of bread. So you can believe me if I say a recipe is easy, or I probably wouldn’t be making it!


But just because a recipe is easy to make doesn’t mean it can’t taste good! This easy chili recipe has a short list of ingredients and a ton of flavor. It’s the perfect crowd pleaser and leftovers freeze well!


Easy Crockpot Chili:



1.5-2 lbs ground beef

1 large can tomato juice

2 cans kidney beans (I use chili beans in medium sauce)

2 cans petite diced tomatoes

1 small onion, diced

2 Tbls chili powder



  1. Brown ground beef on the stove with diced onion; drain the grease.
  2. Place browned ground beef in crock pot with the rest of the ingredients & cook on low for 8 hours- the longer it cooks the better the flavor! (Can also make on the stove following the same steps, but reduce cook time to 2 hours.)


That’s it! Fast, good and easy chili. Fix it and forget it – my kind of recipe. I serve our chili with crackers, shredded cheese, and corn muffins on the side. What are you favorite snowy day recipes?