Mouth-watering, fall off the bone, crock pot BBQ Ribs!


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easy bbq crock pot rib recipe



I usually get excited to break out my crock pot (or all of them, since I have them in 3 different sizes) when fall rolls around so I can start to make all of my favorite soup and chili recipes during the colder months.


But I think I might actually have it backwards! (…or really, maybe ANY time is a GOOD time to use a crock pot!) Anyway, I’m starting to think that maybe summer is actually the best time to use a crock pot more often. It makes sense. Instead of turning on your oven for dinner, you can plug in your crock pot to do the cooking for you.


That way you can keep the oven off during the hottest months of the year so it doesn’t unnecessarily heat up your house even more. Genius!


One of our favorite crock pot meals is BBQ ribs. They are fall off the bone g-o-o-d. They’re so easy to make, and they turn out perfectly every.single.time.


I have found that baby back ribs work best for this recipe, but spare ribs turn out great too! All you need is a crock pot, ribs, a can of cola and a bottle of BBQ sauce to make this amazing barbecue rib recipe.



  • Slab of ribs
  • 1 can of cola
  • 1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce



1.Spray the inside of your crock pot with a non-stick spray and add the ribs.

2.  Pour can of cola over the ribs.

3.  Set the crock pot to cook on low for 6 hours.

4.  After 6 hours, drain the cola and fat from the crock pot.

5.  Pour BBQ sauce over the ribs and turn crock pot on high for 1 hour.


When the timer goes off you will need a serious amount of luck to get your BBQ ribs out of the crock pot without  the meat falling right off the bone!


(You might have to adjust your cooking times, depending on if your crock pot runs on the hotter side. Keep an eye on them – if the ribs seem to be drying out, shorten your cooking time and adjust accordingly for the next time you make them!)


Serve with some French fries and cole slaw and you’ll have the perfect, hassle-free crock pot BBQ rib meal any time of the year – summer, fall, winter or spring!