My Top 5 Uses for Vinegar Around the House

The more I work toward having a chemical free home, the more I come to appreciate simple, basic things that I can use a bunch of different ways around the house for different things. Like vinegar. Have you jumped on the vinegar band wagon yet? It is one of the most versatile, cost effective things you can have in your home. You can use vinegar for cooking, cleaning, laundry, as a degreaser, a deodorizer, conditioner for your hair, weed killer – the list goes on! Since I’ve been trying really hard to eliminate chemicals from my home, I’ve started using vinegar more & more

5 Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated

5 Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated

A few years ago a friend of mine was experiencing quite a few serious health issues. After consulting with several doctors & changing some habits, the issues thankfully were resolved. But something one of her doctors suggested to her (that will benefit either a sick or healthy body!) has stuck with me in the 5+ years since first hearing it – and it’s a pretty basic suggestion!
Here it is – get more sleep & drink more water. That’s it! And the good news is, these are two simple (and free!) things that are mostly within our control! I had never taken the time to think about what impact sleeping & staying hydrated – or lack thereof – has on our bodies.


Easy Crockpot Chili

When I was on the hunt for a good chili recipe, I wanted an easy one that didn’t have a ton of ingredients.  I found a lot of chili recipes, but they all had several steps to follow, and so.many.ingredients. I tried a few of them and they really weren’t that good, either. So I did what I should have done from the start, and I asked my mother-in-law for her chili recipe. It’s good, easy, and the kind you can put in your crockpot and forget about until dinner time rolls around.


Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Making hard boiled eggs should be one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen. Boil water, add eggs, wait a few minutes…but the hard part of hard boiled eggs is peeling them. The shells break into a billion pieces, and by the time you’re done peeling the egg it’s so mangled it looks like it’s already been chewed on. This might be an exaggeration, but they can be tricky little things to peel!

4 Must Try Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends

4 Must Try Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends

One of my favorite things to do with essential oils is to use them to make roller bottles of my favorite scents. These are great for a lot of reasons! First, roller bottles are a really convenient way to apply your oils- it dilutes the oil, making it ready to use right away so you don’t have to mess with diluting them for each application.

My Top 5 Uses for Essential Oils

My Top 5 Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils can be really overwhelming if you are new to them or have never used them before. There is so much conflicting information out there & it’s hard to know what to believe about them. When I first started using essential oils it was just to replace plug in air fresheners – I had no idea of all the other ways they could be used. Now they have replaced so many products that I used to buy, & I use them all over my house every day. And I can feel good about using them around my family.


50 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice for our kids to get something other than candy in their Easter basket this year? I love a good candy bar, maybe a little too much, but I really don’t want my kids consuming all of that sugar. It’s not good for them or their teeth, & within 20 minutes of eating sugar of any kind they are literally bouncing off the walls. I can set a clock to it.