Whether we’re at the beach or in our backyard, my boys spend hours outside everyday during the summer, playing with their favorite outdoor toys. And summer is FINALLY (almost) here! We spend all winter waiting for warm, lazy summer days, so we are planning on spending the entire summer outside, soaking up as much sunshine as we can!


Since we spend a good 6 months of the year buried under a few feet of snow in northern Michigan, we have perfected the art of being outside and packing as much fun into every summer as we can!


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I’ve been a mom for 6 years now, (6 and a half years, if you ask my oldest), so I’ve pretty much got this outside summer fun thing down.


When our boys were really little, we stocked up on some great outdoor summer toys and equipment for them. Most of the toys have grown with them, and are still some of their favorite things to use during the summer months, even now that they’re 4 & 6.



outdoor summer kid's toys



Here’s our list of ultimate outdoor summer toys!


  • Water Table – Water toys NEVER seem to get old to little kids – they can splash and play in water for hours! My boys both love playing with their water table. It’s perfect for putting on the deck where they can play while I make dinner. Sometimes I’ll add some bath toys or a colander, spoon, and measuring cups to the water table and it’s instant entertainment for them.


  • Slip ‘n Slide – This game is right up there with the water table. Put it on a flatter part of the yard for younger kids to play on, and move to a bigger hill as they grow. The slip ‘n slide is great for hot days when you want to stay cool in the water but can’t make it to the beach.


  • Trampoline – Having a trampoline in the backyard has been one of our boys’ favorite things since the time they learned to walk. It’s great for burning energy and exercising in a fun way. We like to put a giant exercise ball on it and they come up with all sorts of fun games to play. In the middle of the summer when it’s really hot outside, we turn on the sprinkers so the water sprays them while they jump so they can stay cool.


  • Disc Swing – We added a disc swing to our summer toys last year and it was a huge hit! It can hold more than one kid at a time, and the wide, webbed base is a fun new spin on swinging.


  • Kid’s Picnic Table – I don’t know what it is about them, but our boys LOVE having a picnic table that’s their size. They always ask to have lunch or a snack outside, and love sitting at a table that’s just for them.


  • Bubbles – Bubbles are at the top of the list of summer fun activities. They’re fun to make, fun to chase, and fun to pop. And for the kids who haven’t quite mastered the skill of blowing bubbles, there are bubble machines to the rescue!


  • Sidewalk Chalk – There are so many fun things you can do with sidewalk chalk! Kids can practice their letters or writing their name, draw a road they can drive on, or create an outside version of their favorite board game to play. We always keep a big box of sidewalk chalk around to play with during the summer.



Every summer we try to add one fun thing to our stockpile of summer toys to play with outside. This year it might be a Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat. I think our boys would LOVE splashing and playing with it!


Or we might give this Little Tikes Garden Table a try, since our little guy just asked if we could plant a garden this summer…and since that probably (and by ‘probably‘ I mean ‘definitely‘) won’t happen this year, this might hold him off for another summer!


Having lots of fun, outdoor summer toys ready to go is a great way to keep kids busy all summer long and enjoy being outside together!