We always try to have a fun theme for our boys’ birthday parties, and this year we decided it was time for a super hero birthday party! Themed parties are my favorite – sometimes I think I have more fun planning them than the kids actually have at the party.


Since we wanted our super hero birthday party to be budget friendly, we decorated with all of the super hero costumes and accessories we already had, then bought some fun super hero accent pieces to finish off the decorations.


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We stuck with a red, blue and yellow color scheme, so our party was bright, fun, and easy to put together. It didn’t require super powers to make it look great, which is perfect since I’m not especially crafty or creative!



super hero birthday party ideas



Here’s What You Need for Your Super Hero Birthday Party!


  • City Scape Backdrop – Every super hero birthday party needs a city scape backdrop! It is a bit of a splurge, but it adds so much to the look and feel of the party with such little effort.


  • Photo Backdrop – The kids had a lot of fun having their picture taken with this polka dot photo backdrop &  photo props


  • Large Super Hero Word Cut-outs – No super hero birthday party is complete without some ‘POW!’ and ‘ZAP!’ cardboard cut-outs! These are so fun and they finish off the look of any super hero birthday party!


  • Justice League Hanging Cut-outs – We hung these foil super hero cut-outs over the table in the center of the room and they tied all the decorations together perfectly!


  • Super-Man Bucket – I used these Super-Man & Bat-Man buckets to hold the rolled silverware for the party to add some super-ness to the food area.


  • Super Hero Capes – Instead of a goodie bag, we had a super hero cape & mask for each of the little super-heros & super-heroines who came to the party. The kids LOVED them!


  • Goodie sacks – The kids used blue & red paper sacks to stash all of their candy from the piñata.


Since I didn’t have much time (or any creative talent whatsoever!) to DIY a lot of my decorations, these super hero accessories were life savers and added so much to help make our party a lot of fun! Depending on your preference, you can add as many or as few super hero decorations as your space or budget allows.



How to Decorate for your Super Hero Birthday Party!


I always try to be budget conscious when I’m party planning. By the time you buy decorations, food, and goodie bags for the kids, costs can add up pretty fast. To help bring the expense down, I try to plan around things I already have around the house that we can use to decorate, and pick up all the paper products we’ll need at Walmart or the Dollar Store to save some money.


1 – To start with, I layered red, blue and yellow table clothes at the food & cake tables to bring some fun color to the decorations in an easy way. I picked up some table-height city scape cut-outs from Target to add some dimension to the tables, and finished it off with some of the super hero word cut-outs I found on Amazon, and a Spider-Man piñata I picked up at Walmart. We hung the Justice League foil decorations over the food & cake tables to tie it all together. (Please pardon the poor picture quality – the lighting in our house is terrible!!)



super hero city sky scape



2 – We put the super hero costumes we already had on hangers and hung them on curtain rods and in doorways around the house. We used the super hero shields, capes, and masks we had to fill in areas in the house that needed something extra, and hung the super hero capes & masks for the party guests on the chairs around the table.


super hero birthday party


3 – We hung the photo booth backdrop in an out of the way spot, and put all of the props in a super hero basket next to it. This was such a fun activity that the kids loved & we will definitely do it again!


super hero photo booth


super hero photo booth



4 – For the paper products, I picked up packages of plastic silverware, napkins, plates & cups in red, blue & yellow to keep the super hero theme going. I alternated colors of silverware, rolled them in napkins and tied them off with a blue ribbon.


easy super hero party decorations



5 – We kept the food simple, with a super sized 6 foot sub sandwich, chips on the side, fruit punch to drink & super hero cupcakes. For activities we set out super hero coloring books for the kids to color, took the Spider-Man piñata outside to demolish & had fun taking pictures at the photo booth.


Our super hero birthday party went off without a hitch & everyone had a great time. Super heros are so timeless and the perfect party theme for kids of any age!