Road Trip Activities for Kids

road trip activities for kids

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Fun Road Trip Activities- from the Dollar Store!



My family is getting ready to head out on a road trip for a mid winter getaway! We were supposed to spend 2 weeks in Florida with family this spring, but that trip was not meant to be – which means we get to go visit my sister and her family instead! So we are trading in our 2 week vacation in sunny Florida for a long weekend visit with my sister a couple of states over – and I’m pretty excited about it!


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So I am busy packing and getting things ready for a 12 hour road trip with our 6 and 4 year old boys. We have our usual bag of tricks packed up to keep them entertained – DVDs, coloring books, small trucks, and snacks, Snacks, SNACKS! They are pretty good travelers, but that is a l-o-n-g time to spend in a vehicle, so I thought I would put together some extra fun road trip activities for them to do to help pass the hours!


I hit up the Dollar Tree and found some really fun things the boys will love that will keep them entertained while we’re on the road. I picked up several things for each one and packed them up in brown paper bags with their names on them. Every few hours they will get to open a surprise bag with a special toy they can play with until our next stop. It will give them something to look forward to and something new and fun to play with. And it didn’t cost a fortune because I found everything at the Dollar Tree – a win for everyone! 🙂


I was able to find such fun things for them! They’ll be so excited to open each bag. Some of the road trip goodies include:

  • glow sticks – fun for when we’re driving in the dark
  • dry erase boards & markers
  • toy robots
  • sticker books
  • coloring pages
  • blank notebooks to write or draw on


When they’re not busy playing with their goodie bag surprise, I put together some other road trip activities for them to do. They’re active boys, so I picked things that will keep their hands and minds busy. Everything I used I was able to find at the Dollar Tree, the local hardware store, or I repurposed from what I already had at home. And they’re great learning toys they can play with when we’re back home.


Road Trip Activities for Kids:


1. Nut/Bolt/Washer Match-up – This game might be my favorite – it’s so much fun! I picked up sets of nuts, bolts and washers in various sizes. It’s fun to unscramble them and find the sizes that match and fit together. I put everything inside a zippered pouch to keep all the pieces together in one place.


2. Button Caterpillar Game – Sew a button on one end of a 12 inch piece of ribbon & a felt square onto the other end of the ribbon (to keep all the other felt squares from falling off). If you don’t sew, a hot glue gun would also work! Cut several different colors of felt into 2 or 3 inch squares, and cut a small slit in the middle of them. Your toddler or preschooler can feed the button end of the ribbon through the slits in the felt pieces and create a colorful ‘caterpillar’. This game is perfect for getting their little minds and hands to work together on a task.


3. Dry Erase Kit – I picked up a dry erase board from the Dollar Tree and put some Crayola Washable Dry Erase Markers and an eraser in a plastic container to make a dry erase coloring kit. This is one of my boys’ favorite things to do. They can create one masterpiece after another – and writing on the boards is so much more fun than drawing on paper!


4. Melissa & Doug Water WOW books – These reusable activity books are a lot of fun! Fill the pen with water and color each picture. The water in the pen makes a picture magically appear. Once it dries you can color it again!


5. Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Match – My little guy plays this game over and over when we are on the road! It has built in storage for the memory sheets and all of the pieces are attached so nothing gets lost. There are several different sheets so you can play a new game over and over.



For traveling this time around I am approaching our road trip with more of a plan in mind. We will still keep things flexible – because when you’re traveling with little kids, you have to keep things flexible to an extent -  but I think having an agenda for our drive time will help the time pass a little quicker and keep a better flow. Usually it’s a free for all, and we end up stopping way more than we need to. And all those little stops really add up and tack on a lot of extra travel time.


So our travel time will look something like this:


6:00 am – Hit the road! Eat breakfast on the go

6:15  - Stop for coffee. For me. Because if Mama ain’t got her coffee…

7:00 – Surprise bag #1 for the boys

9:00 – Potty break. Get out and stretch

10:00 – Surprise bag #2

12:00 pm – Stop for lunch

1:00 – Surprise bag #3

3:00 – Potty break. Get out and stretch

4:00 – Surprise bag #4

5:00 – Stop for dinner

6:00 – Arrive at our destination!


Every time we stop we’ll use the time to stretch, grab some food, use the bathroom and get gas if we need it. Trying to cover all our bases at each stop will help eliminate ‘quick’ stops in between our stops for meals so we can get to our destination faster!


We might still need to make emergency potty stops and hear “are we there yet??” on repeat for 12 hours, but at least the kid’s entertainment will be covered with some fun road trip activities!



road trip activities for kids




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