Camping Equipment Must Haves for every Camping Trip!



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Camping gear is one of those things that can make or break a camping trip. It really is the difference between fun time spent outside or a miserable couple of days.


And the right camping equipment makes for the best camping trips!


We just started camping a few years ago, so it’s still a little new to us. Neither my husband or I grew up camping, so when we picked up a camper a while back, we were pretty much starting from scratch when it came to what kind of equipment to bring along with us on our adventures.


It’s taken a while to figure out what camping gear we love and use the most for every camping trip. Every time we headed out and set up camp on those first few trips, we came up with new ideas of camping supplies we could bring along the next time that would be helpful to have around the campsite.


So if you’re new to camping (or a camping pro and need some fresh ideas!) and are looking for the perfect camping gear to bring on your adventures, here is a helpful place to start!



Camping Equipment Must Haves for Your Next Camping Trip!


  • Adjustable Campfire Swivel Grill – This grill is perfect if you plan to do your cooking over the fire pit! It anchors in the ground and has a swiveling grate that is easy to rotate away from the fire to check your food. Keep a pot holder or a heat resistant glove close by for rotating the grill out of the fire.


  • Coleman Tripod Grill – Another option for cooking over the fire is a tripod grill. The grate raises and lowers by chain over the fire for cooking food. The only plus to this option over the swivel grill is that with the tripod you can choose how close or far away to the fire you want your food. But we’ve had each kind, and both work great! A heat resistant glove is also a must for this grill!


  • Collapsable Food Prep Table – I didn’t realize how useful a food prep table at the campsite would be until I started making dinner on our first camping trip. An extra table is so handy to have when it’s time to spread out food for meals and for having an extra spot for utensils, potholders, the coffee pot and wash tub for cleanup.


  • Checkered Table Cloth – I love how a checkered table cloth instantly transforms the feel of a campsite! An added bonus is that it covers the rough wood of the picnic table and makes meal clean up easy.


  • Nylon Camping Hammock – Maybe not a necessity, but the latest edition to our camping gear was a nylon hammock. It comes with everything you need to hang it between 2 trees so you can kick up and catch a nap on a lazy afternoon.


  • String of Outdoor Lights – It’s nice to have a strand of lights hung in case you need more lighting than the campfire offers.  And I love the look and feel it adds to the campsite!



So never mind that it is only 7 degrees in Northern Michigan this morning (in April – yuck!) My family already has camping on the brain. We’re ready to pack up the camper and head out on as many camping adventures as can fit into the lazy days of summer.