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camping tips, tricks and Dollar Store supplies

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Camping Tips & Tricks – from the Dollar Store!


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One of my family’s favorite summertime activities is camping. And since camping season is right around the corner – or maybe that is just wishful thinking, since we are justthiscloseto February – I am thinking ahead to lazy days of camping, campfires and s’mores. There’s just something about camping, and we look forward to it all winter long.


When I was growing up, my family’s idea of roughing it was staying at a hotel without cable, so camping is a pretty new thing for me. Although I can’t really evensay that we’re roughing it, since our type of camping is in a travel trailer, complete with a kitchen, electricity, and pretty much all the comforts of home (anyone else bring their crock pot on camping trips? Guilty.)


No matter how rustic your camping style – a tent, pop-up trailer, travel trailer, or RV – it’s always a good thing to be camping organized!Being well organized is a great way to get your camping trip off on the right foot and make sure things stay that way until you’re ready to pack things up and head for home. There are so many little things you can prepare ahead of time to make sure everyone has a great camping trip.


I like to be camping organized, but because I don’t want to spend a small fortune to becomecamping organized, I decided to check out the Dollar Tree to see if they had anything that could be used to keep the camper and campsite well organized this summer.


As always, the Dollar Tree did not disappoint! I found so many things that will be really helpful around the campsite when we’re camping this summer, without breaking the bank.


Here it is – my new favorite Dollar Tree ’camping’ gear!




1. Stackable bins – Stackable bins will be perfect to use on my food prep table (next to my crockpot). They’re just the right size to hold things like cooking utensils, dry dish towels/washcloths and pot holders. Now these things will be all in one place and easy to find.



2. Food caddy – It might actually be a shower caddy, but I plan on using it for food. Things like condiments, cheese slices, salt and pepper, etc. Usually during meal prep I am forever making 101 trips in and out of the camper to grab all of the things I need for that meal – and then I run backin to get all of the things that I forgot on the previous 100 trips. Not any more! My new food caddy will be perfect to load up with all of those little, easy to forget things and take them out to the picnic table all in one trip. Work smarter, not harder.


3. Fire starting supplies – The Dollar Tree has several different sizes of lighters, perfect for starting all of those campfires we’ll be sitting around every night. I also picked up a large box of matches in case we want to start our fires the old fashion way…or maybe just to have on hand in case the lighters stop working. I also grabbed a plastic container will a lid that will work great to store the matches and keep them dry.


4. Laundry bag – No need for an explanation here. Put all of your dirty laundry from a fun day of camping in one spot and off the floor of the camper (or tent).


5. First aid kit – The Dollar Tree sells little first aid kits that are loaded with antiseptic wipes and bandaids, and they’re the perfect size to drop in your backpack to have on hand for all of those camping adventures you’ll be having. Better to be safe than sorry!


6. Removable labels – These might not be a camping necessity, but they will still come in handy for labeling the boxes and totes we take along with us on each camping trip. Bonus that they’re easily removable!


6.Clothesline – No more draping wet camping clothes and beach towels over chairs, tables and wherever else we can find so they can dry out. We really should have gotten a clothesline for the campsite a long time ago. This year we’ll be all set.


7. Foil pans – We used foil pans all the time for cooking around the campfire last year. On one trip we forgot our hotdog roasters (rookies) and having foil pans with us were lifesavers. We just stuck our food in the pans (when I wasn’t using my crockpot) and put it on the metal grate over the fire pit to heat it up – it kept all the food together and was easy to take on and off the fire. We were even able to stack our graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows in them so we still got to have s’mores around the campfire.


8. Cake carrier – I might be the most excited about this Dollar Tree find. Our new cake carrier will be the perfect place to store paper plates and napkins to keep them dry and to stop them from blowing away. No more plate frisbees and fly away napkins at every meal.


There they are! My top 8 picks from the Dollar Tree so I can be more camping organized.I am so excited for the lazy days of summer so we can fill our weekends with one camping trip after another. It’s one of our favorite things to do as a family, and we love all of memories we’re making.


What are your favorite camping tips and tricks?


Camping supplies from the Dollar Tree





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