My Top 5 Uses for Essential Oils


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Essential oils can be really overwhelming if you are new to them or have never used them before. There is so much conflicting information out there & it’s hard to know what to believe about them. When I first started using essential oils it was just to replace plug in air fresheners – and I had no idea of all the other ways they could be used.


Now they have replaced so many products that I used to buy, & I use them all over my house every day. And I can feel good about using them around my family. They are safe to use, non-toxic (I can only speak to the safety & purity of Young Living Essential Oils, since that is what I have researched, trust & use in my home), & they’re perfect to have on hand if you’re trying to move to a more chemical-free lifestyle. Essential oils can be used in DIY health & beauty products, roller bottle blends, household cleaners, to freshen the air in your home, & to support your immune system – just to name a few of their uses!


Here are a few reasons you need essential oils in your life, too!


1. Air freshener – did you know that air fresheners are one of the most toxic things (next to fabric softener, but we’ll get there) that you can bring into your home? They undergo little to no safety testing & using them can lead to chronic health problems, like infertility & even cancer. I used to be a huge fan of the plug in variety of air fresheners, but after doing a little research – and you don’t have to look far to find some pretty disturbing stuff – it was enough for me to unplug them forever & throw them right in the trash.

Now I use essential oils to make my house smell awesome. I put a few drops in the diffuser & it starts to work right away without any of the toxic chemicals of traditional air fresheners. Be on the look out in stores for anything labeled as ‘fragrance’ – it’s probably not something you want in your house.


2. Laundry – using essential oils for your laundry instead of fabric softener is another great way to eliminate a lot of chemicals from your home. Fabric softener contains (among other things) alpha terpineol, which can cause central nervous damage & respiratory problems (also among other things). We wash our clothes in a liquid known to cause these issues & more, then we put them on our bodies where our skin absorbs them We are poisoning ourselves.

Instead of using fabric softener, add a cup of white vinegar to the fabric dispenser of your washing machine. It will soften your clothes without any harmful chemicals & it’s actually a lot easier on your washing machine than fabric softener- and cheaper, too! Replace dryer sheets with wool dryer balls & add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the wool to make your clothes smell fresh.


3. Flavored water – I love water & drink a lot of it during the day. I always keep a few bottles of my favorite citrus essential oils from Young Living Essential Oil’s Vitality line in the kitchen to add to my glass of water. They taste amazing & are great for pulling toxins out of your body. My favorites are Citrus Fresh & lemon! It’s less expensive than buying flavored water & a lot better for you!


4. Immune boost – This is probably the top way we use essential oils at our house, especially during the winter. We use Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend daily to boost our immune systems. It seems like almost everyone we know is constantly fighting some illness or another all.winter.long, and we just don’t. Not to say we couldn’t or won’t get sick, but in the 2 years we’ve seriously been using essential oils we’ve barely had more than a runny nose in our family & once in a while a little cough. I think regularly using Thieves essential oil has a whole lot to do with this. I make up a roller bottle of Thieves so it’s pre-diluted & ready to go, & put it on the bottoms of my boys’ feet every morning & evening – easy & effective!


5. Cleaning – Using essential oils instead of toxic cleaning products is another great way to kick the chemicals out of your house. They are known for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal qualities, so they can really clean. I use Thieves Household Cleaner – it comes as a concentrate & I can use it on everything!…bathroom, kitchen, floors, glass. Or you can make your own homemade cleaners with water, Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap & several drops of essential oils, like lemon, lavender or tea tree.  Lemon essential oil is also great at getting crayon off of painted walls (ask me how I know), and for removing tape/glue residue from surfaces.


If you’re new to essential oils or already have some oils but aren’t sure how to use them, these are some easy ways you can incorporate them into your home every day. When I was just starting out with essential oils I remember being very overwhelmed by the thought of them! But I started small, & as I gradually used them more & more, I saw how powerful they are & how well they work. I love that I can use them as a chemical free option in place of other toxic products. They’ve become a staple in our home & are well worth the investment!



If you’re looking for great, high quality essential oils, try Young Living Essential Oils! They are world leaders in essential oils & produce 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, not adulterated by any synthetic fillers. They’re all I use & what I trust.

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