Basic Supplies to Keep on Hand for Using Essential Oils

useful essential oil supplies

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Must Have Basic Supplies for DIY Essential Oil Products



One of the things I love the most about essential oils is using them to making my own DIY products, like cleaning supplies, lotion, and roller bottle blends – and having a few basic supplies on hand to put my essential oil creations in makes them even more fun to use.


Making your own do it yourself products is great for eliminating unwanted chemicals and preservatives from your home that a lot of times are found in store bought cleaning and beauty products.


When you make your own beauty and cleaning products, you know exactly what is in them and can be sure all of the ingredients are natural and safe.


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It’s important to store products with essential oils in them in dark colored, glass bottles. This keeps the sun’s rays from damaging the healing properties of the oil. I like to stock up on several different kinds of amber glass containers so I have them on hand to put my homemade lotion, beauty products and DIY sprays and cleaners in.


Keep reading for a basic list of my favorite essential oil containers and how I use them!


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useful essential oil supplies



14 Useful Products to Keep on Hand for using Essential Oils:


  • Glass Spray Bottle – I use glass spray bottles a lot, mostly for DIY shower cleaner, Thieves multipurpose household cleaner, linen spray, and DIY spray for keeping the bugs away.


  • Fine Mist Spray Bottle – This smaller size fine mist spray bottle is also great for storing DIY linen spray, perfume, and bug spray to take on the go.



  • Roller Ball Tops – These roller bottle tops exclusively fit essential oil bottles from Young Living. We love these & use them all the time!



  • Foam Soap Dispenser – I like to use foaming soap dispensers at the sink, and for shampoo and body wash in the bathtub in my kid’s bathroom. Then I can water it down to make it last longer and not worry if they use too much.


  • Lip Balm Tubes – DIY lip balm is inexpensive and is a lot of fun to make. One batch makes several tubes, so it’s perfect for giving as a gift and sharing with friends.


  • Pipettes – Having pipettes on hand is really useful for making homemade lip balm and for transferring essential oil blends to different bottles to make sure none of the oil is spilled and wasted.



  • Squeeze Bottles – Squeeze bottles are perfect for holding homemade body wash, shampoo or lotion. They come in either an 8 ounce size to use at home, or 4 ounce size for traveling.


  • Essential Oil Shelf – I had quite a few bottles of essential oils before I gave in and got a shelf to hang on the wall to store them. Now looking back I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get one! Storing them on a hanging shelf makes them so accessible and much more quick and easy to use than storing them in a drawer where they’re easily forgotten.



Once you stock up on a few basic supplies, you can make so many different things using essential oils! The most important thing to remember is to store your products with essential oils in a dark colored container so they’re not damaged by the sun, and always keep them out of direct sunlight.



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I love essential oils! They have been such a game changer for my family & I love finding new ways to use them . I hope they are as helpful in your home as they have been in mine!


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