How to Help Kids Sleep Better

Trying to get babies, toddlers, and young kids to sleep might be one of the biggest challenges of parenthood – at least it can seem that way! But research is showing more and more how beneficial sleep is to kids and their overall health. If we realized the impact of sleep deprivation on our kids, we would probably be more likely to help them get the rest their bodies need.


Must Have Camping Gear

Camping gear is one of those things that can make or break a camping trip. It really is the difference between fun time spent outside or a miserable couple of days. And the right camping equipment makes for the best camping trips!


6 Rules For a Clutter Free Home

This is the year of less for me – mainly when it comes to things. This comes from a place of wanting to live in a clutter free home and only keep the things we use and love. I have a tendency to hang on to things I don’t use (and/or haven’t used in years) because I might need it. I have also let myself get away with this for way too long because we actually have the space to store a lot of things.


Road Trip Activities for Kids

My family is getting ready to head out on a road trip for a mid winter getaway! We were supposed to spend 2 weeks in Florida with family this spring, but that trip was not meant to be – which means we get to go visit my sister and her family instead! So we are trading in our 2 week vacation in sunny Florida for a long weekend visit with my sister a couple of states over – and I’m pretty excited about it!