About Me

Hi, I’m Katie – mama by day, blogger by night, and I am so glad you’re here!

My little tribe includes, me, my husband Matt, & our 2 little guys, Myles & Chase. We are slowly moving out of the baby/toddler phase, and loving the adventure of life with big(ger!) kids!

I’ve learned so much over the last 7ish years about being a mom – especially to 2 boys! – and I am eager to share the little tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way with you!

My favorite things to blog about include fun family activities, simple ways to make & save money, and ways to make your household run smoothly – like cutting the clutter and stepping up the organization around the house.

Over the last 4 years I have also discovered a love of essential oils, and I am always excited to share the simple ways I use them around my home and with my family.


Let me tell you a little about myself!

First of all, I am a lover of Jesus, child of the King, and grateful every day for His saving grace. Without it I would be lost!

I have more ‘most embarrassing moments’ than any one person should be allowed to have. My latest one involves me passing out in the hospital while visiting my father-in-law after open heart surgery, then throwing up in a stranger’s purse. (To be fair, I thought the purse was a garbage can, and after having just come-to from fainting, the purse did have a garbage can kind of look to it.) Whadya do? Hospitals aren’t my thing.

I’m a twin to a pretty great twin sister. She lives hours and hours (and hours and hours and hours) away, so I don’t get to see her nearly enough, but we always have the BEST time when we’re together! We’re not identical and we don’t have a secret twin language, but we’re still pretty twin-y. We did get engaged and married to our hubbies just weeks apart from each other, and our tiny tots are just 6 months apart, so we even got to experience pregnancy at the same time…what being a twin is all about.

I am a northern Michigan native – and if I never move anywhere else I’m ok with that! One of the best things about life in Michigan is getting to enjoy the distinct and diverse beauty of all 4 seasons. The bright colors of fall, beauty of fresh, white snow, new life of spring, and the warmth of summer.

I met my husband on a blind double date – but my date was actually his cousin, and his date was my twin sister (did you follow that? Confusing, I know!) Nothing ever came of the double date between his cousin and me, and fortunately for me there were no sparks between my sister and Matt…and here we are 11 happy anniversaries and 2 kids later!

I love coffee. Especially from my favorite coffee shop, Biggby. It is my only vice and mild addiction. My favorite latte is their peppermint blizzard, which is a mix of white chocolate and a little bit of mint. It’s the best.

My husband and I are both the youngest kids in our families, and we each have 3 older sisters and no brothers…so it is very fun and exciting for us to have 2 boys of our own, since we both grew up in houses full of girls.


That’s all about me for now! I would love for  you get comfortable, stick around and enjoy the adventure of motherhood with me!